Homeless to Hopeful 2015

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NDA Interact helped to organize 13 student volunteers for the annual Homeless to Hopeful event to benefit the Emergency Cold Shelter of Northern Kentucky on 2-20-2015.  NDA Interact also organized a bake sale to raise funds for this event.  Over 40 students participated in this bake sale.  The event raised $10,300 for the Emergency Cold Shelter of Northern Kentucky!


Interact Impacts: Homeless to Hopeful 2014

NDA Interact played a key role in the 2014 Homeless to Hopeful event held at Notre Dame Academy to benefit the Emergency Shelter of Northern Kentucky and Family Promise of Northern Kentucky.  NDA Interact did the following:

  • We were in charge of selling student tickets and sold 21 tickets totaling $105 to be split evenly between the two organizations
  • Members contributed to a bake sale that helped raise funds at the event
  • NDA Interact held an impromptu bake sale after school on 2-28-2014 that raised an additional $42.75 for the event.
  • 3 Members of NDA Interact each volunteered 4 hours for the event by selling concessions and serving as ushers.
  • 21 NDA students helped the event to raise over $16,000 to be divided between each agency

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